I am Stualyttle also known as Kilian. And I am studying health care.​

About Me

Let's make the world a better place!

As a person I have always liked helping people. This ranges from problem solving by others to psychological support. I strive to help everyone, and to turn this into my profession.

My work

I have worked for many Minecraft Servers in the past, internship in kindergartens, daycare centers and residential care centers. And now I am working on background projects of my friends!

How to contact me?

If you have a question or just want to talk to me, I suggest you to join my Discord. Me and my friend will be happy to meet you!

My studies

~2014 – 2018 > I studied “Logistic Assistant”
~2018 – present day > I am studying “Health Care”

My Life

I am Kilian (also known as Stualyttle)
As a kid I liked to play outside.
But as time went by, (growing up) I liked the PC more 😛 
I started playing on the computer by playing minecraft.
A few weeks later I began a Minecraft server and before i knew it it was 5 years later. I stopped with the server and started working on another.
Later i left it again, and began to help my parents more in houshold stuff.
A year later I began the server again, and it just didnt work so after again 2/3 years i stopped.
Here were now. I’m playing more steam and games like Slime rancher, Fallout 4, Ari and the blind forrest, Trine, Etc….


My studies

~2014 – 2018 > I studied “Logistic Assistant”
~2018 – present day > I am studying “Health Care”

Current projects
Catblush Emotes

Our Connections
Sander Snoeren
& More to come!